Finding Inspiration

Wow was this a productive weekend! In addition to crossing some errands of my to do list, I ran a 5k and had time to whip up a few new things on my sewing machine. It all started as I was heading from errand to errand. I spotted an adorable antique and vintage store called By the Olde Garden Gate. I recklessly carefully cut across traffic to make the parking lot entrance. I could tell from the decor outside that it was a store I'd love. I was right.

Everything in the store spoke to me. From old typewriters, to vintage cameras, to driftwood wall hangers, to DIY burlap pumpkins, to vintage maps, to wooden shoe forms and decorative keys. I could have spent hours just browsing.

In the end I didn't leave with anything tangible, however I now possessed a TON of design inspiration: old maps in large glass vessels, rolled book pages tied with twine, wooden key hangers, decorating ideas. And a new DIY project. I fell in love with the burlap pumpkins. I only took one photo of a pumpkin fashioned out of an old coffee sack (where do you get these, by the way?!?). And I was on a mission to make my own. I found a blog with great instructions and headed to Michael's to pick up my materials.

After I made the first one, I was on a roll and made 2 more in less than an hour total. I still need to cut wooden stems for two of them, but I'm so happy with how this one came out. I picked up material from Jo Ann's, used some leftover burlap from Michael's for the leaves, and a champagne cork for the stem. I LOVE how it came out!

I couldn't stop after that and ended up making a pink & black buffalo plaid infinity scarf for myself and a matching bandana for Kylie. Here she is modeling the material before I got to work.