Scrap Paper Pinwheels

Who knew how easy pinwheels were to make? These literally took me under 10 minutes. They're really fun and add a pop of color to any space - perfect for our family room, which was dominated by gray and white at the time I made these (we've since added lots of turquoise!). I think they look cute in the vase, and I cannot kill the pinwheels as I tend to do with flowers, so that's a bonus!

I found a great tutorial from kiki creates, so I decided to give them a whirl.

I didn't follow the template exactly because I don't have a printer at home, but they still came out fine. This is how I did it:
  • Start by cutting 2 scrapbook papers to 6" x 6" squares.
  • Glue the papers together with rubber cement (I didn't have spray adhesive) - coat each page with the rubber cement and let it dry, then carefully paste the pages together so they're even. Letting the rubber cement dry first, allows for a more secure bond, but you do need to be careful lining everything up. 
  • I then used kiki's template to guide me where to cut the lines and punch the holes.
  • I used my ruler and lined up diagonally from point to point, leaving about 1-1/2" in the middle.
  • For the holes, I didn't really measure, just used her guide to eyeball it, marked the 4 spots.
  • Then take each point and line up your holes with the center hole, folding toward the front and going clockwise.
  • Once you have everything lined up, secure the pinwheels with a brad. I used a very plain brad, but depending on your paper, you could use something more fancy, perhaps a sparkly rhinestone brad?
  • The brads are secured on the back to floral wire for the stands.
I made the pinwheel on the right a little bit larger and used double sided scrap booking paper, so I didn't need my rubber cement. I stopped at two, but am thinking about adding a third one b/c I don't like symmetry and think the vase would look nice with one more. 

These pinwheels made from maps are pretty awesome too! Since I love to travel, I might make some of these to put in what will be my travel-themed office.

What easy 10 minute project have you whipped up lately?


Orange Nectarine Raspberry Smoothie

I made a pretty awesome smoothie on Saturday afternoon for the hubs and I. It was really refreshing on the scorching day we were having. However, although it does have a bunch of fruit in it, it's very high in sugar, so it's not the healthiest drink, but still not the worst. It hit the spot and I'd still recommend giving it a try (just not every day!)

I used the awesome magic bullet my sister gave us to make this one. I didn't measure anything, so just eyeball it and add more of whichever ingredient is your fave - it's really good with a little extra sorbet!

  • Get your blender or magic bullet
  • Add a little orange juice 
  • Cut up a ripe nectarine and toss it in
  • Add a few spoonfuls of raspberry sorbet
  • Blend to break up the chunks of nectarine
  • Then add ice, blend some more and you're good to go

It's seriously so good (and I HATE orange juice). Super refreshing. I also think it would be an awesome cocktail if you just add a few splashes of raspberry flavored vodka.

Do you have any delicious, refreshing smoothie recipes to share?


Bar Carts & Booze Displays

Following the happy hour theme from yesterday, I thought I’d unveil my new mini bar. In our old apartment we had a fabulous built in with huge glass cabinets. That’s where I kept all of our adult beverages and barware. The Green Bungalow doesn’t have a dining room, or a space that’s conducive for this type of storage, so I created my own...iPhone photo alert!

I contemplated a beverage cart, but in looking at my surroundings, I decided there wasn’t really a perfect place for it. That’s when it hit me – my mirrored HomeGoods cabinet!! (which hasn’t been filled since I bought it). I relocated a framed photograph, a candle and a vase of pinwheels I’d made (more on those later) and headed to the basement to collect some booze, mixers, wine stoppers and coasters to take up the space. I think it looks pretty great, if I do say so myself! I was also able to fit my wine glasses inside the cabinet – perfection!

But, one of my favorite parts of the bar is the “Cheers” chalkboard, inviting friends for a drink. That was super easy to make using an ornate frame I picked up at HomeGoods (where else?!) and some chalkboard paint. If you take the glass out of the frame, you can apply the chalk paint right over it. The worst part is waiting 24 hours for it to be ready. Once it was, I attempted writing “Cheers” a few times before it actually came out how I liked it. Now that it’s hung and all put together, I’m glad I didn’t splurge on a bar cart!

Working with what you’ve got is so great because it gives a fresh look to your space and even better, it’s free! Plus it’s just fun pulling together a few items you have laying around and creating something new with them.

What items have you been inspired by around your house? Anyone else have all their booze out on display? What does yours look like? I will try to take better photos with my Nikon this weekend!


Happy Hour Wreath

Totally been slacking on the blog lately! I have actually completed some fun projects, but haven’t found the time to photograph them in natural light, with a good camera, and write about them. Between changing jobs, helping my husband start up his dog walking business, “Paws on the Pavement” and getting back into a workout regimen, I’ve been keeping my schedule pretty packed.

But here’s a quick look at one finished project that I put together in under 5 minutes – my “Happy Hour” wreath. Super simple and bright and colorful just in time for summer.

I picked up the grapevine wreath from Michael’s on a member special and I had a package of drink umbrellas laying around that I never used – for some odd reason I couldn’t find an occasion to use them?! Ha!

All I did was arrange them in a layout I liked, trying to alternate colors, and stuck the sticks through the vines. So simple. Hang on the front door and you’ll be the party house on the block! The only thing I would recommend, which I didn’t do myself, is securing the umbrellas in some way, either with wire or glue, etc. I noticed that the blue umbrellas keep falling out, but I also look at it as an opportunity to reuse the bare wreath in the fall.

Feel free to use my wreath as a guide for your own and share your photos below!

In 5 minutes when you’re done with your wreath, head over and check out my husband’s new blog (if you love dogs, or just want to see some completely adorable pics of Kylie!) It’s still a work in progress, but we’re getting there!

What fun summer projects have you been working on?