Orange Nectarine Raspberry Smoothie

I made a pretty awesome smoothie on Saturday afternoon for the hubs and I. It was really refreshing on the scorching day we were having. However, although it does have a bunch of fruit in it, it's very high in sugar, so it's not the healthiest drink, but still not the worst. It hit the spot and I'd still recommend giving it a try (just not every day!)

I used the awesome magic bullet my sister gave us to make this one. I didn't measure anything, so just eyeball it and add more of whichever ingredient is your fave - it's really good with a little extra sorbet!

  • Get your blender or magic bullet
  • Add a little orange juice 
  • Cut up a ripe nectarine and toss it in
  • Add a few spoonfuls of raspberry sorbet
  • Blend to break up the chunks of nectarine
  • Then add ice, blend some more and you're good to go

It's seriously so good (and I HATE orange juice). Super refreshing. I also think it would be an awesome cocktail if you just add a few splashes of raspberry flavored vodka.

Do you have any delicious, refreshing smoothie recipes to share?

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