Surprise - gorgeous new dressers!

One of the biggest rules about blogging is that you need to be consistent. You can’t leave your readers hanging for weeks at a time. So, clearly I just broke that rule (whoops!). Being in marketing, this is exceptionally bad practice for me, so my apologies! But, just for the record, I’ve been a little busy…between traveling for the holidays and a recent work/fun trip to London & Paris, I haven’t had much time for blogging. But I’m back and I’ll be sharing a bit about my trip with some fun suggestions if you are headed to London any time in the near future. For now, I want to share the surprise I came home to following my trip. Look at these beautiful creatures!!

{via: reckless glamour}

{via: reckless glamour}
I was looking to refinish the tired old dressers that my husband and I inherited when we moved into our first apartment. They were great dressers; nice solid wood, but the color and knobs were so not us. So my husband decided to enlist the help of a very talented woman he went to high school with, who now refinishes furniture and blogs about it, among other things. Check her out over at reckless glamour and read about the project. She completely transformed our dressers into beautiful works of art and has now inspired me to finally get moving on decorating our master bedroom! It was a lovely surprise to come home to, because, although I wanted to give it a shot myself, having never tackled a furniture refinishing project, seeing the final product told me that I should start smaller. I don’t think I could have pulled something this incredible off, at least not yet (but I will be attempting to do so soon!).

Thanks for the surprise Jon & Courtney! I love my new old dressers!

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