What I Love About Our Bedroom

What I love about our bedroom...
  • Kylie lounging in the sun
  • LOVE our fresh gray walls!
  • My mercury glass lamp
  • The candle my sister bought me for Christmas...smells so good!
  • The sunlight that fills the room in the afternoon - unfortunately I miss this five days a week while I'm at work, but I'll take what I can get
  • The clean slate we have to work with

What I do not love about our bedroom...
  • Our bedspread. It's just a stand in until I find a white one that works. I wanted the parachute duvet from west elm, but they don't have it sad. So I'll be pinning like mad until I can find something similar, that doesn't cost a million dollars
  • The size of our works for Jon and I, but lately Ky's been sneaking in and trying to sleep with us at night and there is not enough room for two people + a dog in a full size bed
  • how much work it needs...cuz work = $! I've got a lot of ideas, most of them on pinterest, just need to figure out how to make them fit in our budget

But it's come along since we first moved in...Kylie even changed positions, well she's looking in a different direction at least!


What do you love about your bedroom? What don't you love about it? Do you have a dog who loves to sleep in your bed too?

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  1. Awe what a cutie pie Kylie is!!! I would definitely keep checking in with West Elm for duvet covers/quilts for your bed covering. That's where we got our grey one from and we love it! I feel like you could do a really cool steel-ish blue for bedspead color that would work well. Where's that candle from Arkansas??? That thing smells awesome!