What I Pinned: Pinterest January 2012

I've put together a round up of pins from January. Obviously I liked everything I pinned or I wouldn't have pinned it, but I've forced myself to pick my top 10...follow my boards & you can see them all. Lucky you!

From top; left to right:

1. DIY headboard. If you read What I Love About Our Bedroom, you'd see we desperately need a headboard. Trying to decide between this look and one made of wooden shutters, like this.

2. Pouf from west elm. It's gray, we need furniture and I'm totally loving this pattern.

3. Shipping pallet repurpose. Just a wicked cute idea.

4. Charlie Hunnam. New (crush) TV obsession: Sons of Anarchy. Need to watch Season 4.

5. White kitchen. Really loving white kitchens - white tile backsplash, barn lighting & butcher block counter tops.

6. Baby kangaroo print. Collecting ideas for a future baby's room. This print is perfect.

7. Maggie Jones's. Restaurant in London we recently had dinner. It was phenomenal. Add it to your travel pins.

8. Vintage crates. Love this vintage look.

9. Amazing body. Will you look at those abs? This is some much needed workout motivation!

10. Kara Paslay's bathroom reno. Cute, eclectic and functional.

Hope you liked my January pins! What will I pin in February? I don't know, but check back & find out, or just follow my boards!


What are your favorite pins you've pinned recently on pinterest? Enough uses of the word pin for ya? 

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  1. My mom had some rocks and mulch delivered to the 'ol log cabin this morning, and with it came a shipping pallet!! I told her I totally want it and I'm going to attempt the look above!! Love it!!