MarieBelle Frangelico Truffles & Guinness

Raise your hand if you love chocolate...ok, it's hard to write a blog post with one hand! My friends came to visit The Green Bungalow over St. Patty's weekend and they brought me a delicious housewarming gift: MarieBelle Frangelico Truffles! I hadn't heard of them, but was eager to rip open the adorable red & blue box.

I am a HUGE fan of truffles. I also happen to LOVE hazelnut chocolate. So when my friend presented me with this cute little box of four truffles I was excited to try them. I have to admit though, I kinda didn't want to unwrap them; the packaging was too cute! And it didn't end there, look at this colorful pattern painted on top!

But when my friend said, "let's try them with a Guinness." I gave her a look. Guinness? Beer and chocolate? That was not my idea of a good pairing. I've heard of chocolate and wine pairings and have been to a tasting that did just this, but have never thought about pairing chocolate and beer. Then again, it was St. Patrick's Day. I'll try pretty much anything, and I never say no to alcohol, so I wasn't against giving it a shot.

It was a surprisingly yummy combination! The Frangelico Truffles have a thin crisp chocolate shell and a delicious, smooth, nutty interior. The Guinness really complimented the truffles too. Neither one overpowered the other. The taste was clean and refreshing. What I really like about these truffles too is that they aren't real heavy. Some chocolate just weighs you down...good excuse to eat more than one! ;-)

I've been slowly enjoying the extra box that was left behind. The truffles would make a fabulous gift for any occasion. They also come with a recipe for a Frangelico Truffle cocktail. I might pick up a bottle and give one a shake this weekend. You can pick up a gift box at MarieBelle in Soho, NY, or online. Don't forget to grab a box for yourself!


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