Spring has Sprung

It's officially Spring (at least I'm hoping this gorgeous weather is here to stay). I had friends visiting from NJ this weekend and we had so much fun! We definitely took advantage of the beautiful weather all weekend with walks and al fresco dining - I even got a little color. These photos summarize the weekend:




I also started a project that's been on my list - adding stain and rope handles to the wine crates from my bridal shower. I began the process of sanding them down - got to finally use my new hand sander! I plan to store blankets in the crates so I need them to be nice and smooth so they don't pull the knit.

However, the weather was just too nice so my little helper and I took advantage of it by laying out in the sun, hence started, but not finished. In this pic you can also see some more projects waiting to be completed - reseeding the lawn & attempting to prettify our chain link fence!

This week is supposed to be gorgeous so I'm planning to create my own yarn ball chandeliers for the guest room! Hopefully I'll have a progress update for you soon.

And yes, much to Jon's dismay, I still have not finished the pantry stencil project. I have gotten to day three, but haven't blogged about it, so there has been slightly more progress than I've already told you of. Maybe the warm weather and longer daylight will motivate me to finally finish it off. Wish me luck!

How did you spend this gorgeous weekend? Hope you were able to take advantage!


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  1. Wine crates!! yay!! Love all the fun spring things!