New Beauties Have Arrived at the Green Bungalow!

Our sectional is here!!! it is so comfortable and best of all J & I no longer have to fight over couch space! There’s enough room for both of us to fully spread out without touching one another. That sounds awful for some-what-newlyweds, but sometimes you just need your personal space, especially when watching Sons of Anarchy or trying to fall asleep when football’s on ;-)

So now the mission to complete the family room is on! I’m having friends visit this weekend - which I’m SO looking forward to - so I’d like to at least get some photos and art up on the walls before they arrive. Hopefully I accomplish this!

In the meantime, I picked up this beauty at my second home, HomeGoods this weekend.

I was crushing on this version from west elm, but not loving the price tag. 

The HomeGoods ceramic side table was a fraction of west elm’s price, and I actually like it better. Of course I walked away with a few other things. Plus we finally got a grill!! With the unseasonable weather we’ve been having, we should’ve picked one up sooner. We christened it Sunday with burgers, hot dogs and grilled chicken. Bring on summer!

What did you buy or make this weekend? Anyone else fire up the grill?



  1. Hi Amy, love it! We're crushing on garden stools too. So versatile but you shouldn't have to pay a lot. Thanks for the shout out on Twitter! Your friends at HomeGoods

  2. Amy, great going on the garden seat! Love it! I just found one at HG this week that I love. Love me some HomeGoods! :)