Cork Board Revamp

One of the projects I finally completed last weekend was revamping a plain, boring cork board. I wanted a place to hang important docs, save the dates, invitations, cards, etc. in the kitchen without looking sloppy plastered all over the fridge, so I thought a fun cork board would do the trick. I brought a cork board home from work and picked up some pretty scrap booking paper from Michael's. I settled on a blue pattern, even though it really doesn't go with my kitchen, just because I liked it. I of course did not document all of the steps taken to put this cork board together, but it's pretty straightforward.

This is pretty much what the cork board looked like when I started:

I sanded down the wooden frame a bit so that the spray paint would stick. Then I covered the cork part with recycled cardboard pieces and tape before spraying the frame with Krylon's Stainless Steel spray paint. I thought the stainless would look good because it would match our kitchen appliances. It actually looks more like a sparkly silver than stainless steel, but I really like it. After a few coats and some time to dry, I pulled all the tape off the cork and set the board in the office, where it sat for a few weeks while I procrastinated.

When I finally got my act together, I used rubber cement and coated both the cork and the backs of the scrap book pages I planned to use. Let the rubber cement dry, then positioned the pages where I wanted them and voila!

My nephews were over the day I hung the board and one of them drew me these Valentine's Day-inspired pictures! Is he good or what?!

Small project, but was still fun and will be a functional piece in the kitchen.



  1. This is totally cool! How big is your cork board? As in, how much paper did you end up using? I'm loving this idea for my library/office.

    BTW, I found you over on Decor and the Dog. I just started my blog too and, well, haven't posted much. But I liked Michelle's advice about commenting more, so here I am!

    1. Hi! That's awesome that you found me through Decor and the Dog (love her blog) Thanks for checking out mine! I guess Michelle was right about commenting! I have to start doing that more often. And I'll check out your blog as well.

      For the cork board, I will have to double check at home, but I'm pretty sure it's 18"x24". As far as paper goes, I bought 4 sheets of 12x12 scrap booking paper, but only ended up using 3 of them.

      Good luck with yours! Post a link here if you end up putting yours on your blog, I'd love to see how it turns out!