The Start of "Project Pantry"...and a Few Other Accomplishments

Hope everyone had a fab long weekend! We had a busy, action-packed Prez Weekend at the Green Bungalow. My parents came to visit from New Jersey. It was their first time seeing our new house so we were super excited for their arrival. And as I mentioned previously, my dad is very handy so we were eager to put him to work – thanks Dad! By the end of the weekend we:
  • ate and drank a ton - review on Lolita Cocina and Tequila Bar in Boston coming soon
  • put in a banister leading down the basement stairs (my Dad was all about this, so we let him run with it)
  • installed additional shelving in our pantry closet
  • hung curtains in the mudroom
  • capped off a scary electrical outlet
  • bolted in a safe
  • fixed a few pesky windows that were tough to open
  • measured, measured, measured for windows, new garage door and a new front porch – all projects for the spring/summer! 
And by we, I mean Jon and my dad. I was busy testing out new bedding and pillows for the master. We didn’t get to install cabinet hardware in the kitchen, mostly because we hadn’t picked anything out yet and partly because we ran out of time.

Oh! And I also got TOOLS! Some sweet hand-me-down saws to occupy the entire garage (sorry Jon!) and a brand-spanking-new sander so I can refurb this puppy:

It's hot, I know, but I think something a little more like the dresser below might look nicer. I can’t wait to get started on it…just trying to decide if I should put the dresser in the family room or the guest bedroom, which will determine what the final piece should look like. I’m really liking this idea though, which would make more sense for the guest bedroom. That was my initial plan for the dresser anyway, so I might just stick with that.

On Monday I finished off a few projects – painted the walls leading down to the basement…bye bye nasty handprints! I also covered up the plain switch plate with something a little more fun, using leftover paper from my corkboard revamp.

I also painted the banister a turquoise-y/baby blueish color that I’d considered for the pantry closet shelves. I’ve since re-considered that idea in favor of keeping the shelves white, and plan to repaint the banister gray. We have SO many gray samples from Home Depot that I should make use of.

I painted the entire pantry closet - walls, shelves and floor – that literally took me all day to complete (on and off) to get them ready for my stencil project! Pretty soon my pantry will look similar to this:


I’ll be starting the stenciling process tonight, which I’m sure will be a long, tedious project, but I’m determined for success! Last night was spent undertaking the arduous task of cutting out the stencil by hand – my finger is still numb from applying so much pressure when cutting – which was totally unnecessary as I used a thin sheet of plastic!! Here's a preview of my pattern:

If it wasn’t a pantry closet I would have splurged on the $50 stencil I liked, but I opted for the economical option of creating one myself. Being a perfectionist, I’m not sure I’m cut out (no pun intended!) for stenciling. We’ll see if I regret this!

Stay tuned for a pantry closet progress report (and wish me luck!)

Have you stenciled before? Any pointers so I don’t pull my hair out, or give up and just paint it all gray?


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