Mirrored Cabinet Love

I am completely and utterly in love with this mirrored cabinet I bought a few months back at HomeGoods. I love the mirrors, the swirly circle pattern and the shimmery silver paint. I am seriously enamored with that place - I also bought the two apothecary jars & the silver holiday ornaments (that yes, I still have on display - it's just cuz they match the room so well!) there. You can get the best deals and I always find something - which I guess sometimes isn't the best thing, at least not in my hubby's opinion.

I think I found a somewhat permanent home for the cabinet. We'll see once the sectional finally arrives, we buy a rug and put the finishing touches on this room! So for now it resides against the wall between the attic door and the entryway, below the hideous thermostat. Now I just need to figure out a cute way to cover up that thermostat! I'll be scouring Pinterest for ideas, and am open to suggestions!

Seriously, how awesome is this thing? The little knobs even match the handles on all the doors throughout our house.

Ok, suggest away - how do I cover up this thermostat? What have you bought at HomeGood recently that you can't get enough of?



  1. Love any furniture that is mirrored! I just saw on an HGTV show they hung a picture with a hindge on the back to hide the thermostat so when they needed to get to it the opened it on the hindge but when it was flat you never knew what was behind it

    1. I've seen that too and i actually think that might be a really great idea b/c after looking at the thermostat more over the last few days, it's right smack in the middle of the wall, so a gallery might be kinda strange. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Hey Amy! Kathy sent me the link to your blog to check out since I've taken the dive into the blogging world.

    Love what I'm seeing so far!

    I was looking at this post and the first thing that came to my mind was hanging something with a hinge like the above commenter said. Maybe you could do a mirror with a chunky white frame of some sort to play off the reflective quality in the cabinet and to reflect some light.

    Or you could do some sort of shelving. Maybe like the 1st option you had but maybe just one shelf and put a picture leaning against the wall or a nice vase of some sort or some pop of color.

    1. Hi Deb! Thanks for stopping by :-)Great suggestion! I think a chunky white frame would look really nice in the room to complement all the white trim...I wonder if I can make something...?

      I'd love to check out your blog when you have it up and running.